The most important thing to remember when facing an unintended pregnancy is that you have options. We’re here to help you sort through all of your options so that you can make an informed decision.

I’m still not sure what I’ll do. But I feel like I am in a better place and now I understand all my options.

— Benita


Parenting is hard work. We get it. We can help you carefully consider what it takes to parent children well. And we can help you learn and grow in your parenting skills if you decide to parent your baby.

If you’re considering parenting, you’ll want to ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What type of support system do I have to help me?
  • Am I comfortable with my parenting skills?
  • Am I aware of the community resources available to me as a parent?
  • How will I handle child care once the baby is born? Do I know how to apply for financial help?

There are many community resources available to you as a parent! We can help you navigate the network of support available to you and refer you to those agencies that will help you with your specific needs. And our prenatal classes will encourage and prepare you for your new role as mom or dad.

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Adoption looks very different today than it did twenty years ago. 

Today, many moms and dads not only choose the family that will raise their baby, but they also decide what kind of contact they have with their child and the adoptive family.

There are many resources available to help you consider this option. If you would like, we’ll be glad to refer you to local, reputable adoption agencies that will walk you through these considerations every step of the way.



It’s common for women who experience an unintended pregnancy to consider the option of abortion. If you are considering this option, it can be helpful to educate yourself on abortion procedures available to you at your stage of pregnancy.

According to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health, in their booklet “Abortion: Making A Decision”, the first step (after a woman decides to have an abortion) is to determine how long she has been pregnant.

Determining how long she has been pregnant will help determine what kind of abortion method will be used. There are surgical and non-surgical methods of abortion.

Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services provides free, limited first-trimester ultrasounds to eligible women in order to confirm pregnancy viability and to establish pregnancy dating. We also help you by providing accurate abortion information for your stage of pregnancy. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see if you qualify for this vital, free service. We also offer free pregnancy tests.

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